Ordinary Marines.   Extraordinary Lives.
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CorpsStories Feature In-Memoriam:
Thomas D. Nerney, USMC, NYPD

August 2017

CorpsStories Special Assignment: REVISIT
Marine Security Guards: London & Dublin 2017
2005 Al Assad Iraq, HMM-266 Admin Officer, my office
CorpsStories Exclusive Interview
Hero at War  -  Heroine at Home
Maj. Jennifer Schrantz, USMCR

December 2016

CorpsStories Special Assignment:
Marine Security Guards: London & Dublin 2016

Corps Stories Exclusive Interview:
Lt. Jeff Schuller, Jr.
Revisit: Engaging Storms
June 2014

Corps Stories Special Assignment:
Lima Company: The Eyes of Freedom
Visits National Museum of the Marine Corps
March 2014
Corps Stories Exclusive Interview:
Mike Brinkley - Revisit:
Providing Transition Assistance, Still
January 2014

Revisit - Redesignn:
Combat Marine Outdoors

January 2014

Revisit - Redesign
The Gravity of LCpl Lance Graham
& The Hadiatha Hospital Ambush

January 2014

Corps Stories Exclusive Interview::
Joe Kauper, Founder: Harbor Site Foundation
with Ed Arias,
Founder: New York State Troopers Marine Corps Asso
February 2014

(Writing and photos by Editor & CEO Meriwether Ball, except where otherwise stated) Ordinary Marines. Extraordinary Lives.